Founder’s Guide to Building a Developer Tools Business

The key to building an online development tool that has immediate value for both developers and end users is to leverage the essential usability of the Web browser to enhance the tool’s business use-case. Simply put, any design software or Web tool for the Web that is fundamentally designed and designed with user needs in mind and that offers a minimum of effort in development and not simply adds functionality in order to provide increased end-user experience is a clear winner.

It is not enough to create a web development tool – a Web development tool should be a web design or development development tool. A web development tool must provide the following unique features and features to make it a valuable development tool:

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Blogger integration and social media plugins. Given the in-depth impact that many of today’s Web technologies have on the development of new applications, integration of tightly knit, social media apps and the ability to customize and edit the functionality of the underlying Web pages is key. If Web developers have to integrate services, they must find the right means to integrate the functionality provided in the application with the features already built into the web design using developers’ work files. The complex integrated Web needs to have a rich workflow component in which integrated functions are viewable in bite-sized chunks and, at the same time, provide additional benefits that can’t be duplicated. An experimental and non-viral model works; a trend-setting and pro-active model works. Meaningful results result from an active, collaborative work repository and interactivity will result in an out-performance of the Web developer.

Social media integration. Web developers are increasingly looking for social networking applications with solid integrations that integrate or give away the user experience, address any communication style, and simplify the traditional in-browser development process. The social media offerings of such applications don’t necessarily include the functionality found in the framework available for developers to use in the Web development. If this is the case, development tools that supply the user benefit with deep functionality that responds to a specific level of user needs will be an invaluable tool for developing and monetizing Web applications for the development community.

Vibe . The user experience and the usability of the application will be enhanced by the presence of active, supportive social content in the background. The user experience should have a person-centric feel. The active social functionality should be seen and interacted with as often as the user would like.”

Vibe, meaning personal content that people interact with frequently and stay engaged in, will be essential to any development tool. The user experience should not be cosmetic but compelling and vibrant and should be viewable through the entire user lifecycle from initial entry and exposure to the end user. The user experience should not be closed and disjointed. People are human beings who would be willing to accept the inconvenience if it was for the good of the entire system. An active and vibrant user experience should provide a clean canvas and a clean canvas is humanly possible for a developer who can resist the temptation to provide a closed, stop-start user experience. The user experience should be visually coherent and aesthetically pleasing. Do the complex functionality in the frame of the larger, in-depth user experience providing a live user experience.

Web designer Scott Zobel says he uses Dreamweaver to “express social media widgets within the framework of a better design experience.” Zobel uses Dreamweaver to create a seamless experience for developers and end users and suggests he has created compelling features and requires hardly an adjustment for the end user because of its build-to-sync compatibility.

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